• Smarter Than Squirrels (Down Girl and Sit)
    Smarter Than Squirrels (Down Girl and Sit)
    by Lucy Nolan

    This is one of my favorite books about cool, brave dogs!

  • Bad to the Bone (Down Girl and Sit)
    Bad to the Bone (Down Girl and Sit)
    by Lucy Nolan

    I haven't read this book yet, but I can't wait to read more about these awesome and cool dogs!

  • On the Road (Down Girl and Sit)
    On the Road (Down Girl and Sit)
    by Lucy Nolan

    This sounds like a good book, too.  Car rides usually end in fun places like the Wiener Dog Races or the dog park!

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain
    The Art of Racing in the Rain
    by Garth Stein

    I haven't read this yet, but it was recommended by one of my people's friends.  She said it was great!

  • Nature's Variety Dry Dog Food, Prairie Canine Chicken Meal & Brown Rice, 30-Pound Bag
    Nature's Variety Dry Dog Food, Prairie Canine Chicken Meal & Brown Rice, 30-Pound Bag

    This is my favorite food!  I'm not sure if I love eating, walking, or playing more!


    My people call this the "Star Trek Door".  I love it because I can open it but the squirrels can't!

  • Easy Walk Harness, Small, Royal
    Easy Walk Harness, Small, Royal

    My old harness made me want to pull as hard as I could.  This one is much more relaxing!

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Answering Your Questions

I always like to see how people find my blog.  One way I do that is by looking at the searches that people do to find my blog.  Two recent searches were in the form of questions.  Since I consider my dog blog to be a public service, I will do my best to answer those questions.

Cody will now take your questions

The first question was "Is lemonade safe for puppies?" from   

I'm not a vet, so I really don't know the answer.  I know that I would love to drink lemonade because I would love to eat and drink everything that my people eat and drink.  However, my people don't let me drink lemonade and don't let me have anything with sugar.  So, either they think that lemonade isn't safe for puppies or they just want to keep it all for themselves.  I really don't know.

I do know that if it were up to me, I'd drink a pitcher of lemonade after a long hike, but that is just a dream.

Cody dreams about lemonadeThe second question was "I'm so tired.  Why don't my puppies sleep?" from  My people tell me that this is from Singapore.  They say that Singapore is very far.  It's even farther than the Georgetown dog park, which is the furthest I've travelled.

I don't know why your puppies don't sleep, but I do know that when I was little, I couldn't sleep unless I was in the same room as my people.  I was very scared and lonely to be by myself in a new place.  I talk about those days here.  Also, when I was little, I liked to wake up even before my people did.  Now, I like to sleep later than them sometime!

I think the most important thing that helps me sleep, other than getting older and sleeping in my people's room, is getting a lot of exercise like playing and hiking and chasing rabbits and guarding the house.  When I get a lot of exercise, I sleep like a dog.

Resting after an awesome and cool hikeI hope that this helps the nice people who were searching for answers.  If you have any questions, you can ask me directly by using my "Tell me what you think" link.  I'll do my best to answer them as a public service to all puppies and people who read my dog blog.



One of my favorite times of day is Suppertime.  I get to celebrate Suppertime twice a day.  I wish it was more often, but it's not up to me. :-(

Whenever it's Suppertime, I feel joyous and happy.  I think that the great puppy actor, Snoopy, demonstrates my feelings very well in this dramatic monologue:

I know it's suppertime when I hear the sound of my bowl leaving the floor and the rustle of my food bag.  Sometimes, my people try to be very careful to not make those sounds, but I can always hear them.

When I hear the sounds, I run over to watch my supper being made.  Once it's made, I don't get it right away.  I have to earn it!  First, I must come when called.  Then comes the hard part.  I must sit while my people walk to the serving area.  This is very, very difficult.  Sometimes, I have to wait as long as one minute.  I know this doesn't sound long, but remember that it is actually seven dog minutes!

Trying to be patient...I found that it helps me to wait if I sing a little song to myself.  Of course, the lyrics to Snoopy's Suppertime song cannot be matched, but I am pretty happy with my song.  It goes like this:

Hooray!  It's Suppertime, a-rum-pum.

I arrive to fill my tum-tum.

Lovely beef, lentils, and peas.  May I have seconds sir, please?

I can never get quite enough, it's rough, rough.

I never seem to get seconds.  Drat!

Anyhow, after waiting forever, I've finally earned my supper.  I eat my meal pretty quickly.  Then comes the most important part.  Most people (and even many puppies) don't realize that there's a bit of an art to getting all of the flavor out of the bowl.  After I finish the food, I lick the bowl clean.  Then, I get a little extra water on my tongue to finish the job.  That's a useful tip that you can use at your next meal.  I even made a demonstration video on YouTube.

I wish that my people would use this technique.  I'm shocked and dismayed on a daily basis by the amount of flavor they leave on their dishes after every meal.  My people are great, but they have some strange behaviors.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Suppertime experiences.  I know that I could write about it all day!


Need a Vacation from my Vacation

I still have a lot to blog about, but this weekend, I went to camp at Taurus.  My people went somewhere for the weekend where dogs weren't allowed, so I got to play all day, every day with my great puppy buddies at camp!

It was very, very fun, but now I'm too tired to blog.  I just want to sleep.

I'm so tired...

Don't worry, though.  I rest up pretty quickly and know I'll write more soon!  Even when I'm tired, I keep an eye out for new things to write about.  As Head of Security for my neighborhood, I can never get too comfortable.

Always vigilant!


First Day of School

Remembering about my adoption day made me think about my first day of school.  After living in my new home and getting comfortable for about a month, my people announced that it was time for me to start going to school.

I wasn't really sure what to think.  I had just dealt with a lot of change moving to this new house, and I wasn't really ready for more change.  On the other hand, my people were so nice to me and played with me and gave me good food and so much love that I figured if they wanted to send me to school, it would be a good thing... I hoped!

They gave me a backpack full of everything I'd need for my first day of school and we drove off.

Nervously awaiting my new adventure

On the way to school, I wondered what it would be like.  Would the other puppies be nice to me?  Would they play with me?  Would they be as fast as me?  I was also scared that I'd have to play with dogs that were too big and strong for me.

Finally, we arrived at school.  The sign said "Taurus Training and Doggie Play Day".  I wasn't sure what "Taurus Training" was, but "Doggie Play Day" sounded awesome!  When I arrived, the people were so, so nice and told me that I'd make a lot of friends today.  They were right!  I played with friendly dogs that were just my size!

I even got to be on TV for a few seconds, which was really cool!

When I left, I knew that I had a lot of fun.  However, I wasn't sure that I did everything I was supposed to do because everything was so new.  I didn't have to worry anymore when my people read my report card to me.  They even put it on the fridge when we got home.  I was so proud!

Here it is!

My Report CardAddy, Yoshi, Lulu, and Kimberly were so nice to me that first day.  They made me feel comfortable and made sure I had fun.  Now that I've been going to school for 3 years, I try to return the favor for any new puppies.  I hope that I help them feel as good about their first day of school as I felt about mine.


Henry's Awesome and Cool Birthday!

Henry is a really cool and lucky small pup.  He had a super cool birthday party and is my guest blogger for the day.

My name is Henry James.  On Monday, June 6th, I finally turned two years old.  Cody has invited me to share my wonderful day with you.  I’m very excited to tell you all about it!

The night before the big day, Grandpa showed up to visit for a few days!  I was so excited that he remembered it was my birthday. We spent the night watching basketball.  It was very exciting.  I had no idea that chasing a ball around a room was a professional sport! It looks more complicated than playing fetch though.

The morning of my birthday, I woke up to find out that one of my persons was leaving to the airport for a weeklong trip to Milwaukee.  This made me very sad.  A few hours later, Grandpa and my other Person sang happy birthday to me.  It was wonderful!   Afterwards, we ate breakfast, played in the backyard and then I took a long nap.

Later in the day, my Person and I logged into FaceBook to let everyone know it was my birthday.  I was thrilled with all the responses and birthday wishes!  I am truly loved.  My other person even texted a video from Milwaukee singing happy birthday and sending virtual kisses.  I watched it five times! 

The evening was spent eating sweets and wearing my birthday outfit.  I wasn’t very thrilled with the outfit.  It made me feel like a puppy.  At two years old, I’ve matured.  I’m still in potty training, but I’m going to school now.  I’ve learned to sit and eat lots of yogurt dog treats.  My Person is also teaching me to walk correctly on a leash.  I still get distracted by birds and other dogs, but I’m motivated to improve.

Before bed, I played with my brother Chester and friend Ally and then fell asleep happy watching TV with Grandpa and my Person.  Life is wonderful.