• Smarter Than Squirrels (Down Girl and Sit)
    Smarter Than Squirrels (Down Girl and Sit)
    by Lucy Nolan

    This is one of my favorite books about cool, brave dogs!

  • Bad to the Bone (Down Girl and Sit)
    Bad to the Bone (Down Girl and Sit)
    by Lucy Nolan

    I haven't read this book yet, but I can't wait to read more about these awesome and cool dogs!

  • On the Road (Down Girl and Sit)
    On the Road (Down Girl and Sit)
    by Lucy Nolan

    This sounds like a good book, too.  Car rides usually end in fun places like the Wiener Dog Races or the dog park!

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain
    The Art of Racing in the Rain
    by Garth Stein

    I haven't read this yet, but it was recommended by one of my people's friends.  She said it was great!

  • Nature's Variety Dry Dog Food, Prairie Canine Chicken Meal & Brown Rice, 30-Pound Bag
    Nature's Variety Dry Dog Food, Prairie Canine Chicken Meal & Brown Rice, 30-Pound Bag

    This is my favorite food!  I'm not sure if I love eating, walking, or playing more!


    My people call this the "Star Trek Door".  I love it because I can open it but the squirrels can't!

  • Easy Walk Harness, Small, Royal
    Easy Walk Harness, Small, Royal

    My old harness made me want to pull as hard as I could.  This one is much more relaxing!

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Justice for Nano

My friend Nano and her person are being unfairly attacked by the postal service.  There's a reason why dogs don't trust mail carriers, and this story just confirms all of my worst fears! Read the whole scary, sad, Kafkaesque story here:

My "Scary" friend Nano


Rehab - Yes, Yes, Yes!

After my IVDD surgery and 6 weeks of kennel rest, I was able to move my back legs.  I couldn't control them well, and I got tired quickly, but they worked! The told me that if I went to rehab I could walk better, so I said yes, yes, yes!

I don't have any pictures or videos of myself in rehab, but I went once a week for 6 weeks.  We did a number of things, but the strangest thing was a machine for walking in the water.  They would put me in a glass box, and then water would start coming in from the floor.  This scared me at first, but a person named Thai made me feel more comfortable.  Thai said everything would be OK, and I believed it.

Then, the floor started moving, and I started walking.  It was very strange, but it felt like my legs didn't have to carry my weight.  It felt like I was flying or something.  It felt great and strange.

Here's a video showing something like what I did:

The rehab helped me walk at home as well.  As part of my therapy, I got to finally go on short walks again.  Here's a video of my walking.  You can see that all my fur didn't grow back yet.  I am limping a bit and having trouble lifting my toes, but you can't tell much in the video.

After months of rehab and hard work, I am back to being healthy and active!  I'm also looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

Looking good

Having IVDD was a scary experience for sure.  However, if any other puppies out there get IVDD, please know that it can be overcome.  I hope that my story helps some other pups get better and not give up hope.  There were times when I almost did, but I pushed myself, and it all paid off.

I heard that some person with a strange name of Winston once said, "If you're going through hell, keep going."  I agree, but I like the musical version better.



Puppy New Year!

Happy 2013 everybody!  I've been doing a lot of thinking about 2012 and what, if anything, I want to change for 2013.

In deep thought

I'm very grateful that I've recovered so well from my IVDD surgery.  That was scary, but it taught me that some scary things can be overcome even if there's a lot of hardship.  I'm very grateful for my home and my family.

However, I have been having trouble with one new family member.  I have alluded to her in the past, but since she is the focus of my 2013 goal, I will finally write about her.  A tiny human moved into my house quite a while ago.  

First, I was very protective of her.  She was so helpless (and noisy).

Checking on the little one

However, as time has passed, this tiny human has gotten bigger and moves around without help.  She seems to like me... a lot... a little too much.  I want to sleep under my blanket, but she pulls the covers off of me and pats me on the head... a little too hard sometimes.  One minute, I want to love and protect her, but the next minute she's bothering me or chasing me!

So, for 2013, I will try to be nice to this little, important pack member as much as I can.  I think I expressed my feelings best in this card that I gave to her for Christmas.

Christmas card to littlest pack memberInside, I wrote:

What a year!

Some days, I didn't know what to think.

Other days, I just needed a drink.

It helps when I have my morning jog,

To deal with the fact that I'm no longer top dog.

Most days, I love that little girl.

I'll try to treat her like a precious pearl.

I do have to say that there are some new fringe benefits.  This little person has been eating real food, and unlike the big people, she throws some food to the floor for me.  (I had some roasted pork on Christmas thanks to this sweetie!)

AnticipationHave a Puppy New Year everyone!


Dog Days of Summer

Every day, I sit and look for danger out the back window.  When danger approaches, I run outside to scare it away. 

That keeps me busy most of the year.  However, as it gets hotter and hotter out, fewer and fewer threats come by.  Danger, whether in the form of unknown people, big dogs, rabbits, or squirrels, doesn't seem to like the heat.

It's still my duty to stay at my post, but the lack of danger gives my mind time to wander.

These are a few of my favorite things...I love having a chance to just sit and think about things that make me happy.  (My people have a really cool camera that can see happy thoughts, but this picture doesn't show my happiest thoughts.  My happiest thoughts are the thoughts of my people coming home from a day away!)

So, even though it's hot out, make sure to take some time to appreciate your happy thoughts.  Also, take some time to stop and smell the roses bluebonnets.

I love Texas!


Power to the Puppies!

I don't want to get too much into politics on my blog, but there are some issues I feel strongly about.

I have thought for a while that it's very mean that puppies don't have any representation in politics.  Did you know that there isn't a single puppy who holds political office at any level of government?!?  In fact, puppies don't even have the right to vote.

Cody the Future Statesman

As I looked into the matter, I found that the law says that anyone who votes must be at least 18 human years old.  That is very unfair.  I think they should let puppies vote once they're 18 dog years old. 

Even worse, puppies can't even lobby their representatives.  I tried to go to the State Capitol in Austin once, and the security guard chased me away.  He said that puppies are not allowed in the Capitol Building!!!

I waited outside for my Representative.  When I saw him, I greeted him very politely.  The Representative was friendly but quite dismissive.  He patted my head, called me a cute puppy, and then didn't stick around to hear my complaints.  Grrrr....

Anyhow, over the past few days, I've become much more hopeful.  I've heard a lot of talk that the Federal Government now has a Representative Weiner!  I assume that the Representative Weiner is like the Representative from Washington DC and is not allowed to vote.  Still, it's a small step forward to have a Representative Weiner to give Doxies one small voice in politics!

Power to the puppies!